The Designer 

Prada Lola Faraji is a costume designer and stylist for film and theatre with a love for all backgrounds and professions of fashion and film. She began working backstage in fashion shows and creating her own label at age 12, and grew her name and line since. 

Prada has experience in film and TV with numerous works in period pieces and horror, with many works shining that experimental look that comes from Prada's background in the industry. 

Fashion in the entertainment industry is Prada's passion and creating and collaborating with other artists to aid in telling a visual story through style and aesthetics is her goal in this field. 

In Prada's work, there is an interest in the idea of imaginative states; whether you are dreaming or reading a good book and beginning to see yourself through the character's perspective. Your imagination and creativity is your own fantasy world, with much interesting detail and characters. Her goal is to express this through the art of fashion design.